Discover the charm of Akita's cycling courses through Semboku, Daisen and Misato


There are many spots to see such as Lake Tazawa and Kakunodate Samurai District!


A Trip to the Heian Period!


Enjoy discovering the Rokugo area on foot!

Cycling Courses

Different towns, beautiful scenery, and must-see spots! There are 11 courses to choose from!

Mizuho no Sato is a beautiful countryside area with stunning views in every season, fun activities and delicious food.

Here we listed 10 cycling courses with attractive sightseeing spots.

Travel Tips

2 Things You Want to Know Before Your Visit

Sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of the information you need in a foreign country.

Check bike rental locations, what to do when your bike needs repairing and so on.


Must-taste Akita Cuisine! Delicious Eateries and Menus


All-You-Need-to-Know Souvenirs Shops: Local products and specialties

Akita offers must-buy local sweets and sake.

Here are some recommendations for those trying to find perfect souvenirs.


One-Hour Flight from Tokyo:
Hop, Skip, and Akita!

It’s a common misconception that Akita is far from Tokyo. It’s only one-hour away via air and three-hour away by bullet train.