A Trip to the Heian Period!

Daisen is surrounded by bountiful nature and steeped in history, but most well-known for the national fireworks competition held on the last Saturday of August, Omagari Hanabi.

Enormous crowds from all over the country come to watch this truly breathtaking competition. Some of the local cultural and historical highlights are Hotta no Saku, an ancient Heian fortress; and the Ikeda Family Gardens, where one of the largest landowners in Northern Japan once resided.


Omagari Hanabi

One of Japan's top fireworks competitions!

Steeped in history and tradition dating back to the Edo period, hanabi artists representing the peak of Japanese fireworks compete at this national competition.

Experience the wide starmine stretching 900m along the river leaving the 700,000 spectators awestruck with an overwhelming display of light and sound.


Last Saturday of August every year
Omono Riverbank, Omagari, Daisen


Hotta no Saku

Heian period ruins enshrouded in mystery

Dating back 1,200 years to the early Heian period, the fortification was built to unify the area and functioned as a central base for local government and military.

However, the original name, and many other details still remain a mystery.

Take a rare look into an ancient civilisation through the towering 9.7m tall southern gate and around the 3.6km perimeter.


95 Nakayachi, Hotta, Daisen
【Phone number】
0187-69-2397 (Hotta no Saku General Information Office)
9:00 to 16:00
Open everyday (from mid-April to late-November, but reservations required for December to the beginning of April)


Ikeda Family Gardens

Japanese gardens designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty

Located among the rice fields of Daisen's eastern periphery lies the former residence of the Ikedas, once one of the three largest landowners in Northern Japan.

The gardens were designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty in February 2004, and are highly praised for their historical significance and profound beauty across the seasons.

Inside the 42,000m2 estate, the zelkova Yakushi Gate and four-metre tall Yukimi Stone Lantern are particularly impressive.


1 Oshima, Takanashi, Daisen
0187-63-8972 (Daisen Lifelong Learning Department, Cultural Protection Division (Weekdays)), 0187-86-0888 (Daisen City Tourist Information Center (Saturdays Sundays Public Holidays)), 0187-62-6257 (Main Heritage Garden Management Building in season)
【Open Days】
Please contact for details
9:00 to 16:00 (last entry: 15:30)
320 yen (free for high schools students and under).



Traditional local sweets

Long-established maker of Japanese sweets, producing tofu kamaboko, tofu castella cake, sambai mochi and other local favourites often enjoyed at celebratory occasions.

The steamed tofu kamaboko mainly consists of silky tofu and white fish paste with a subtle sweetening. Bite-sized sanbai mochi are available in packs of 8 for ¥1,040 and the sanshoku dango for ¥140 are perfect for a snack.


1-20 Nakadorimachi, Omagari, Daisen
【Phone number】
9:30 to 18:00 (Weekdays), 9:30 to 17:00 (Sundays, Public Holidays)


Yamanekoya Pizza

Would you like to try making pizza?

Yamanekoya Pizza opens on Saturdays and Sundays during the winter season at Ohdai Ski Area. Visitors can also experience making their own.


【Phone number】
090-7077-7763 (Agri Group Tombo)



There are many spots to see such as Lake Tazawa and Kakunodate Samurai District!


A Trip to the Heian Period!


Enjoy discovering the Rokugo area on foot!