Bicycle rental stations in each locality

Tazawako ・Kakunodate Area

Semboku City Department of Tourism, Commerce and Industry

36 Naka-machi, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku
Phone number
(Weekdays 8:30~17:15)

Daisen Area

Daisen Tourist Information Center

6-5 Torimachi, Omagari, Daisen
Phone number
(9:00~18:00/Excluding the year-end through New Year holiday period.)

Misato Area

Misato Tourist Information Center

83 Umamachi, Rokugo, Misato-cho (inside Meisui Market Yutaro)
Phone number
(8:30~17:00/Excluding the year-end through New Year holiday period.)

For questions about bike rentals, click the button below.


Cycling information

Traffic rules for bicycles
Bicycles are classified as “light vehicles” in the Traffic Law. If you violate a traffic law, you may face a penalty. Please be advised.
How to travel in car lanes
Bicycles are light vehicles, so they must travel in the left lane with other automobiles when using the road.
Obey traffic lights
When traveling on the road, please obey all traffic lights.

About crosswalk buttons

At a crosswalk, if you see a device like the one pictured here, please press the button. You will not get a green light to cross unless you press the button. Please be advised.

For fun, hassle-free cycling

Don't overexert yourself!
Some courses have numerous ascents and descents, and some courses are very long. Do not go beyond your limits. Choose a course that suits your condition and enjoy cycling!
Bring drinks with you!
On some courses, you may not be able to purchase drinks right away. Always make sure to bring a drink or a light meal along with you.
Inspect your bicycle before heading out!
If the bicycle is a rental, give the tire air pressure, brakes etc. a quick check just to be safe.
For a more enjoyable cycling experience!
When you meet a local while cycling, please smile and say hello! Interacting with local people will make the trip more memorable.

If your bicycle breaks

When your bicycle breaks down and you need to get help over the phone, using the following names for the bicycle parts should make the conversation smoother.

  1. stem
  2. brake lever
  3. gearshift lever
  4. handlebars
  5. grips
  6. bell
  7. front fork
  8. lights
  1. front brakes
  2. tire
  3. rim
  4. spokes
  5. valve
  6. fender
  7. pedal
  8. gear crank
  1. chain
  2. derailleur
  3. rear brakes
  4. reflector
  5. saddle
  6. seat post

If you have an accident

In Case of Injury#119(Ambulance)

In Case of Traffic Accident#110(Police)

If the bicycle is a rental bicycle, please contact the rental center as well. For the contact information, check the materials you received upon rental, or check the “Rent A Cycle Stations” on the right.

How to bathe in Japanese hot springs

Hot Springs provide relief from daily stress and fatigue.

Hot Spring Bathing Instructions

STEP 01 .Take off your Clothes
Take off your clothes in the changing room before going into the bath area.
STEP 02 .Wash Your Body
Before you enter the water, wash your body thoroughly in the shower area.
STEP 03 .Rinse with Hot Water
If you like, you may pour a few buckets of bath water over yourself to warm up after showering.
STEP 04 .Enter the Water
Ease into the bath and relax.
STEP 05 .Exit the Water
Before getting out of the bath area, make sure to wipe off excess water from your body.


  • People with tattoos are not allowed to use the hot springs.
  • Make sure not to splash the water around when washing your body.
  • Swimming in the bath is not allowed.
  • Please refrain from putting towels in the bath.