Two things you want to know before your visit

If your bicycle breaks

When your bicycle breaks down and you need to get help over the phone, using the following names for the bicycle parts should make the conversation smoother.

  1. stem
  2. brake lever
  3. gearshift lever
  4. handlebars
  5. grips
  6. bell
  7. front fork
  8. lights
  1. front brakes
  2. tire
  3. rim
  4. spokes
  5. valve
  6. fender
  7. pedal
  8. gear crank
  1. chain
  2. derailleur
  3. rear brakes
  4. reflector
  5. saddle
  6. seat post

If you have an accident

In Case of Injury#119(Ambulance)

In Case of Traffic Accident#110(Police)

If the bicycle is a rental bicycle, please contact the rental center as well. For the contact information, check the materials you received upon rental, or check the “Rent A Cycle Stations” on the right.